Our offering

As a Sjuntorp customer you will always receive timely help and flexible solutions fit to your needs. Our customers can be found in various industries, resulting in our service and maintenance offering taking different shape at different customers. Flexibility is one of our core values and we’re known to arrive and solve the issues at location, in a timely manner.

Proactive maintenance

Proactive maintenance ensures that unplanned stops can be avoided. If there’s no existing scheduled maintenance, we will help map what needs done and when would be suitable. We help our customers put together a maintenance manual that suits their site and pool of machinery.


With a high level of creativity and efficiency, we will repair and rebuild equipment in our workshop or at the customer site. We have thorough experience and support our customers in ensuring that their machinery fulfill governmental requirements and compliance.

We offer:

  • Proposal of solutions
  • Project management
  • Machine safety
  • Construction plan/Design

CNC Machinery

We offer service and maintenance of all kinds of machine tools, of all brands, with the competence needed to handle most styrningar, such as Simens, Fanuc and Heindenhain. In case needed, we have access to a network of experts. We’re proud of our collaboration with Trumpf Maskin, including installation, service and maintenance of their laser machinery.

We also offer troubleshooting, service and rebuilding of:

  • Hydraulsystem
  • Pneumatiksystem
  • Kylvätskesystem
  • Maskinskydd

For more information on repairs and service, please contact Elinc.