Spare parts

A quickly repaired forklift solves problems and saves money.

Our repository stocks the most common spare parts. We do our utmost to ensure quick and reliable deliveries within 24 hours. Order your spare part before 3pm CET and the product will arrive at our location the next business day. This helps keep our forklifts operational.

The speediness and accuracy results in solved issues and lower cost for our customer, as they have the forklift up and running and material flows back to normal, promptly. We want our customers to be able to focus on their core business while we handle the forklifts. Contact us and order your spare part today.


Machinery/full service/insurance/administration.

Full service

Fixed price including cost of manpower / allowance consumer expendables /cost of travel / spare parts.

Proactive maintenance

Contracted service interval/year, including cost of manpower/consumer expendables /travel.

Field- and emergency service

Service according to tariff.