Sjuntorp Produktionsteknik
Sjuntorp Truck och Maskin

The Sjuntorp Group focuses on delivering world class industrial services.

Our values are:

Quality – We stand behind the services and products we deliver and are proud to  offer solutions to our customers’ problems.

Knowledge – We shall always be at the forefront and ensure that our co-workers possess up to date, relevant knowledge and qualifications in order to uphold our quality standard.

Finesse – Using our vast knowledge and experience to deliver a high level of service, with our customers, products and services in mind.
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Forklifts and Machinery

Sjuntorp Forklifts and Machinery should be your choice of supplier for services, repairs, lease and sale of forklifts and construction machinery. Spanning the smallest to the heaviest of machinery.

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Production technology

Sjuntorp Production technology should be your choice of supplier for heavy lifting and installation of machinery. The workshops are at the forefront of competence and manufacturing of special machinery, handling the entire process from project management to installation and assembly.

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Elinc is a competent maintenance supplier for the industry. Elinc is at the forefront of the industry with state-of-the-art technology for permit inspections and monitoring of machinery.

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JOPRO is a leading supplier of efficient energy solutions, delivering battery replacements and energy backup systems. Battery replacement systems are an investment in the environment, increased productivity and cost efficiency.

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Head office for the group
SE-461 78 Sjuntorp
Phone: +46(0)520 -44 08 75


Kardanvägen 29A-48
SE-461 38 Trollhättan; Sweden

+46(0)520 -41 12 30 (Elinc)

+46(0)73 – 80 20 200 (Maskinuthyrning)


Norra Ryds Industriområde 4
SE-541 91 Skövde; Sweden

+46(0)500 -41 02 50 (Elinc)

+46(0)500 -27 15 50 (Produktionsteknik)


Försäljningskontor Truck och Maskin

+46(0)31 -797 55 55